Michael Rape's Lab

Key Research Articles

A complete list of publications can be found on Pubmed.
  1. Dimerization quality control ensures neuronal development and survival Mena E, Kjolby R, Saxton R, Werner A, Lew B, Boyle J, Harland R, Rape M Science. 2018 eaap8236. [pubmed] [pdf]
  2. Multisite dependency of an E3 ligase controls monoubiquitylation-dependent cell fate decisions Werner A*, Baur R*, Teerikorpi N, Kaya D, Rape M eLife. 2018 7: e35407. [link]
  3. Assembly and Function of Heterotypic Ubiquitin Chains in Cell-Cycle and Protein Quality Control Yau RG, Doerner K, Castellanos ER, Haakonsen DL, Werner A, Wang N, Yang XW, Martinez-Martin N, Matsumoto ML, Dixit VM, Rape M Cell. 2017 171: 1-16. [pdf]
  4. Regulation of the CUL3 Ubiquitin Ligase by a Calcium-Dependent Co-adaptor McGourty C, Akopian D, Walsh C, Gorur A, Werner A, Schekman R, Bautista D, Rape M Cell. 2016 167: 525-538. [pubmed] [pdf]
  5. Control of APC/C-dependent ubiquitin chain elongation by reversible phosphorylation Craney A*, Kelly A*, Jia L, Fedrigo I, Yu H, Rape M PNAS. 2016 113: 5140-5145. [pubmed] [pdf]
  6. Cell-fate determination by ubiquitin-dependent regulation of translation Werner A, Iwasaki S, McGourty C, Medina-Ruiz S, Teerikorpi N, Fedrigo I, Ingolia N, Rape M Nature. 2015 525: 523-527. [pubmed] [pdf]
  7. Ubiquitin chain elongation requires E3-dependent tracking of the emerging conjugate Kelly A*, Wickliffe KE*, Song L*, Fedrigo I, Rape M Mol Cell. 2014 56: 232-245. [pubmed] [pdf]
  8. Enhanced protein degradation by branched ubiquitin chains Meyer HJ, Rape M Cell. 2014 157: 910-921. [pubmed] [pdf]
  9. Microtubule-dependent regulation of mitotic protein degradation Song L, Craney A, Rape M Mol Cell. 2014 53: 179-192. [pubmed] [pdf]
  10. Ubiquitin-dependent regulation of COPII coat size and function Jin L*, Pahuja KB*, Wickliffe KE, Gorur A, Baumgaertel C, Schekman R, Rape M Nature. 2012 482: 495-500. [pubmed] [pdf]
  11. Regulation of ubiquitin chain initiation to control the timing of substrate degradation Williamson A*, Banerjee S*, Zhu X, Philipp I, Iavarone AT, Rape M Mol Cell. 2011 42: 744-757. [pubmed] [pdf]
  12. The mechanism of linkage-specific ubiquitin chain elongation by a single-subunit E2 Wickliffe KE*, Lorenz S*, Wemmer DE, Kuriyan J, Rape M Cell. 2011 42: 744-757. [pubmed] [pdf]
  13. K11-linked polyubiquitination in cell cycle control revealed by a K11 linkage-specific antibody Matsumoto ML*, Wickliffe KE*, Dong KC, Yu C, Bosanac I, Bustos D, Phu L, Kirkpatrick DS, Hymowitz SG, Rape M, Kelley RF, Dixit VM Mol Cell. 2010 39: 477-84. [pubmed] [pdf]
  14. Regulated degradation of spindle assembly factors by the anaphase-promoting complex Song L, Rape M Mol Cell. 2010 38: 369-382. [pubmed] [pdf]
  15. Identification of a physiological E2 module for the human anaphase-promoting complex Williamson A, Wickliffe KE, Mellone BG, Song L, Karpen GH, Rape M. PNAS. 2009 106: 18213-18218. [pubmed] [pdf]
  16. Mechanism of ubiquitin chain formation by the human anaphase-promoting complex Jin L*, Williamson A*, Banerjee S, Phillip I, Rape M Cell. 2008 133: 653-665. [pubmed] [pdf]
  17. Anaphase initiation is regulated by antagonistic ubiquitination and deubiquitination activities Stegmeier F*, Rape M*, Draviam VM, Nalepa G, Sowa ME, Ang XL, McDonald ER 3rd, Li MZ, Hannon GJ, Sorger PK, Kirschner MW, Harper JW, Elledge SJ Nature. 2007 446: 876-881. [pubmed] [pdf]
  18. Ubiquitination by the anaphase-promoting complex drives spindle checkpoint inactivation Reddy SK*, Rape M*, Margansky WA, Kirschner MW Nature. 2007 446: 921-925. [pubmed] [pdf]

Key Reviews

  1. Branching Out: Improved Signaling by Heterotypic Ubiquitin Chains Haakonsen DL, Rape M Trends Cell Biol. 2019 19: 30102-30103. [pubmed] [pdf]
  2. Principles of Ubiquitin-Dependent Signaling Oh E, Akopian D, Rape M Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology. 2018 34: 137-162. [pubmed] [pdf]
  3. Unlocking a dark past Rodríguez-Pérez F, Rape M Elife 2018 [pubmed] [pdf]
  4. The increasing complexity of the ubiquitin code Yau R, Rape M Nat Cell Biol. 2016 18: 579-586. [pubmed] [pdf]
  5. The Colossus of ubiquitylation: decrypting a cellular code Williamson A*, Werner A*, Rape M Mol Cell. 2013 49: 591-600. [pubmed] [pdf]
  6. Dynamic regulation of ubiquitin-dependent cell cycle control Craney A, Rape M. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2013 25: 704-710. [pubmed] [pdf]
  7. The Ubiquitin Code Komander D, Rape M Annu Rev Biochem. 2012 81: 203-29. [pubmed] [pdf]
  8. Emerging regulatory mechanisms in ubiquitin-dependent cell cycle control Mocciaro A, Rape M J Cell Sci. 2012 125: 255-263. [pubmed] [pdf]
  9. K11-linked ubiquitin chains as novel regulators of cell division Wickliffe KE, Williamson A, Meyer HJ, Kelly A, Rape M Trends Cell Biol. 2011 21: 656-663. [pubmed] [pdf]
  10. Building ubiquitin chains: E2 enzymes at work Ye Y, Rape M Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2009 10: 755-764. [pubmed] [pdf]
* These authors contributed equally.